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Write An Article For Aviation Digest.

Articles prepared for the Aviation Digest should relate directly to Army Aviation or reflect a subject that can be directly related to the aviation profession. Submit the article to the Aviation Digest mailbox at usarmy.rucker.avncoe.mbx.aviation-digest@mail.mil in a MS Word document not exceed 3500 words.

If you intend to submit your article to other Army Aviation related professional publications, please do not submit to the Aviation Digest. The intent is to prevent an overlap of material in like publications with a similar or same audience.

Author should include a brief biography. Military authors should include years of military service, current assignment, significant previous assignments, deployments, and aircraft qualifications.

Aviation Digest staff will make necessary grammar, syntax, and style corrections to text to meet publication standards and redesign visual materials for clarity as necessary. These changes may be coordinated with the authors to ensure the content remains accurate and reflects the author’s original thoughts and intent.

Visual materials such as photographs, pictures, charts, graphs, or drawings supporting the article should be included as separate enclosures. All visual materials should be high resolution images (preferably set at a resolution of 300dpi) saved in TIF or JPEG format.

Non-military authors will need to submit authorization for the Aviation Digest to print their material. This can simply be an email indicating that the Aviation Digest has been given permission to print the submitted article. A separate comment by the author indicating that there is no copyright restriction on the use of visual material and a separate statement authorizing use of this material by the author is also required

The Aviation Digest will publish once a quarter with distribution on or about the 15th of February, May, August, and November of each year. In order to receive information for publication and allow appropriate time for editing and layout, the deadline for submission of articles is the 1st of December, March, June, and September.

Please forward any Reader’s Respond comments to the Aviation Digest mailbox at usarmy.rucker.avncoe.mbx.aviation-digest@mail.mil.

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