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Observations, Insights and Lessons Learned (OIL) - Observations describe the conditions experienced by military forces during war or training. Insights describe the issues that arose while conducting military operations or training. Lessons provide potential solutions to the problems experienced under set military conditions.

Accurate and standardized reporting using the approved formats allows the doctrine writer to recognize trends. Elements in the Ministry of Defense (MOD) need units’ insights and lessons. The MOD has approved an observation, insight, and lessons (OIL) collection form for the MOD validation training team to use to identify trends, conduct proper analysis, and develop solutions.

The Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) rapidly collects, analyzes, disseminates and archives valuable papers written on OIL, TTP and operational records in order to facilitate rapid adaptation initiatives and conduct focused knowledge sharing and transfer that informs the Army and enables operationally based decision making, integration, and innovation throughout the Army and within the JIIM environment.

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