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SOuth of Heaven_Daniel Flores

South of Heaven: My year in Afghanistan

Book provided by courtesy of Author, Daniel Flores.

A gripping true story about Daniel Flores' year long tour in Afghanistan. Little did he know that he would be witness to the resurgence of a determined Taliban enemy or that he would soon be locked in a battle for his life within one of most the notorious valleys in the Hinu Kush.

Two Steps from Glory

Two Steps from Glory: A WWII Liaison Pilot Confronts Jim Crow and the Enemy In the South Pacific

Book provided by courtesy of Author, MAJ Welton I. Taylor.

For the majority of black soldiers during WWII, signing up in the military was accompanied by two goals: to fight for the country they loved and to earn respect on the battlefield-something they had been denied at home. "Two Steps from Glory" is the account of a young Lieutenant Welton I. Taylor, who managed to outsmart the enemy and the racial bigotry within the Army's ranks during WWII. In doing so, LT Taylor proved that "race is a poor yardstick by which to judge a man."


Hancock's War:Conflict on the Southern Plains

Handcock's War - Conflict on the Southern Plains -

Book provided by courtesy of University of Oklahoma Press.

General Winfield Scott Hancock led a military expedition through Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska in 1867. The purpose was a show of force to curtail Indian raiding sparked by the Sand Creek massacre of 1864. But the havoc he and his troops wrought served only to further incite the tribes and inflame passions on both sides. In William Y. Chalfant's sweeping narrative, he shows that neither side was willing or able to understand the other's needs and reveals how Hancock's counterproductive efforts brought untold misery to Indians and whites alike - leading up to the wars of 1868.


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