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Bloody Bill Anderson

Bloody Bill Anderson: The short, Savage Life of a Civil War Guerrilla ~ Albert Castel & Tom Goodrich

"Nowhere was the Civil War as savage as it was in Missouri-and nowhere did it produce a killer more savage than William Anderson. For a brief but dramatic period, "Bloody Bill" played the leading role in the most violent arena of the entire war-and did so with a vicious abandon that spread fear throughout the land."

More than compiling a chronicle of horrors, Castel and Goodrich have produced the first full-fledged account of Anderson's career. They examine his prewar life, explain how he became a guerrilla, then describe the war that he and his men waged against Union soldiers and defenseless civilians alike. The authors' disagreements on many aspects of Anderson's gruesome career add a fascinating dimension to the book.
- Book provided by the generosity of the University Press of Kansas

Blades of Thunder

Blades of Thunder (Book One) ~ W. Larry Dandridge

Six young Army pilots and green officers, all between 20 and 21 years old, arrive in Vietnam where they each become men, highly skilled pilots, and proficient officers within a few months. None of them will be the same after their first combat tour in Vietnam. All of them will bear the scars of war for life, either physically or mentally or both. All will be strengthened spiritually and none will ever be the same. Some will soon be dead and most will be injured or wounded within the next 12 months. One will become an amputee and all will suffer from varying degrees of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the rest of their lives. All will become beloved brothers and all will honor their families, friends, and this great nation with their dedication, sacrifice, courage, and love of family, country, and God!

Blades of Thunder is literally edge-of-your-seat reading. ~ Kim Catanzarite (Freelance editor and writer)

Invasion of Laos 1971, Lam Son 719
~ COL Robert D. Sander

In 1971, a South Vietnamese Army corps, with U.S. Air support, launched the largest airmobile operation in the history of warfare, Lam Son 719. The objective: to sever the North Vietnamese Army's Ho Chi Minh Trail, to hasten U.S. withdrawl from the war, and to ensure the survival of South Vietnam. ... The outcome: defeat of the SouthVietnamese Army and heavy losses of U.S. helicopters and aircrews, but a preemptive strike that met President Nixon's political objectives.

Robert Sander, a heicopter pilot in Lam Son 719, explores why an operation of such importance failed. Sander draws on archives and firsthand testimony to chronicle not only the planning and execution of the operation but also the ten-year effort to end Communist infiltration of South Vietnamthat led to Lam Son 719. A powerful work of military and political history, Invasion of Laos 1971 offaers eloquent testimony confirming that "failure, like success, cannot be measured in absolute terms."

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