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1. Can Anyone write for Aviation Digest? The answer is yes, if you are a member of the Army aviation community-either active or retired.
2. Am I limited to writing about topics or subjects that Aviation Digest is featuring for current or future issues? No, you may write about any subject that may be considered important to the aviation community. Topics such as; safety, tactics, procedures, or even issues that you may feel have gone unaddressed are welcome.
3. What if I have something to say, but I am not the greatest writer? Aviation Digest staff will make necessary grammar, syntax, and style corrections to text to meet publication standards and redesign visual materials for clarity as necessary. These changes may be coordinated with the authors to ensure the content remains accurate and reflects the author’s original thoughts and intent. [Please take a look at the "Write for AVN Digest" page of this web site.]
4. Can I subscribe to the Aviation Digest to make sure I get the most recent issue when it is available? Yes. If you would like notification of when the most recent issue is published, it is as easy as clicking on the "Subscribe Aviation Digest' button. Or, go to our "Contact" page and send us an e-mail requesting to be added to our release notification system.
5. How do I get a printed copy of the Aviation Digest? Currently the Aviation Digest is approved for electronic publication only. However, if you would like to print a copy of the digest, all you have to do is open a PDF copy and print it. This also allows you to print only the articles that are interesting to you.
6. If I have something to add, or if I disagree with an articles content, how do I make my comments known? We are glad you asked. Aviation Digest is intended to facilitate discussion on topics within the aviation community. We welcome constructive criticism and varied perspectives. If you have something to say or want to add to the discussion, go to the"Write the Editor" page and click on "Army Aviation Digest". Then reference the article you are wanting to comment on and let us know what you think.
7. I don't want to receive the Aviation Digest anymore. How do I unsubscribe? We are sorry to loose you as a reader. But we respect individual rights and have offered the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of each page on this site. If you have difficulty with the link, you may also unsubscribe by sending us an e-mail with "Unsubscribe Me" in the subject line of the email.
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