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MG Gayler discusses the advancements made and the challenges that still face our profession in respect to integration of current and future UAS technologies and methods of utilization.

COL Robert T. Ault suggests that there is a need for forward thinking and the creation of an operating concept for the development and integration of current and future UAS and AI technologies.
COL Eric Puls and LTC Erick “Zeke” Sweet review noted trends in UAS utilization during warfighter exercises in support of decisive action operations and extrapolate lessons learned through these observations.
CW3 Eric Cooper shares his observations in regard to increasing the density of qualified UAS observer coach trainers at the combat training centers to maximize unit readiness and strengthen leader development.
The author outlines how the unit can leverage the MEC to maximize Unmanned Aircraft Repairer training experience, increase unit UAS readiness, and save the Army money.
COL Paul Cravey and MAJ Ariel Schuetz discuss current and future capabilities of manned-unmanned teaming within a multi-domain environment.
The development of a concept for employment of unmanned aerial vehicle swarming capabilities at the Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarming Integration Quick Reaction Test (2015-16) and the subsequent results are discussed.
Aviation Digest archived article (July-August 1993)
MAJ John Q. Bolton discusses the development of multi-role airframes and the pros and cons of such aircraft in comparison to role-specific aircraft.
LTC Hodges writes about applying the Army Operating concept through the window of Task Force Dragon during Operation Inherent Resolve.
CW3 Geraci dicusses the intelligence staff officer’s increased role on the linear battlefield.
In the first of a series of articles designed to encourage professional discussion, MAJ Michael Shaw and Mr. Justin Witty extend a challenge to Read, Think, Speak and Write - so that readers become part of the professional solution to Army Aviation’s many “wicked problems.”
The authors pose the question, “Is Army Aviation Truly a Profession?” Then they break down the key differences between conducting ourselves as a professional organization or as an organization based on bureaucracy.
MAJ Fulmer writes about the successes achieved by the 25th CAB’s, 2-6th HARS as a result of their leadership development program through the unit training plan.
CW4 Jeremie Zabko writes about how the Aviation Warrant Officer Advanced Course empower graduates of the course to become more enhanced professionally, while developing, coaching and mentoring the next generation of warrant officers.
RAM - Residency in Aerospace Medicine. This program of instruction is returning to its home, Fort Rucker.Not just another flight surgeon, this Residency in Aerospace Medicine is specifically an Army based RAM program producing graduates with a dual aerospace/occupational medicine certified specialist with a primary focus on rotary-wing aviation.
The author offers 10 common sense keys to become more successful as aviators and Soldiers.

The book, “Operation Anaconda: America’s First Major Battle in Afghanistan” is reviewed by Scott L. Gainey

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