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MG Gayler, Commanding General of USAACE, provides his comments on the subject of Multi-Domain Opperations and how Army Aviation is moving forward to meet these and other chellenges by "harness(ing) our collecive experience and intellect."

In an article, first printed in E-Armor, MAJ Nathan A. Jennings discusses the value of reinventing and modernizing the Armored Reconnaissance & Security Strike Group to create a lethal and versatile eliment in the Army’s toolbox within a Multi-Domain Battle.
CPT Kyle Hopkins relates his experiences during a deployment to Afghanistan while attached to an expeditionary advising package sent to assist Afghanistan forces in defending the city of Tarin Kowt. Specifically, he writes about his role serving as an Army Aviator and a maneuver expert.
Aircraft acoustics, its analysis, the effects it has on Army Aviation operations, and the need to incorporate this factor into mission planning and training is discussed.
CSM James Etheridge, Senior Enlisted Aviation Trainer at the Joint Multinational Training Center, offers advice and suggestions to Senior NCOs on preparing their Soldiers for success prior to a combat training center rotation.
Through observations gleaned from multiple training rotations at the JMRC, the authors present noted deficiencies and recommendations from lessons learned on the employment of samll unmanned aircraft systems and the impact their employment can have on a unit's success.
Deficiencies are identified in the MLRS' Army Techniques Publication within the internal loading and unloading operations. The authors outline lessons learned from experience during a training exercise.
LTC Lee Ambrose writes about how emerging technologies in communications and information access has become a game changer that, if we are to be successful, we must integrate into our doctrine and training.
Similarities are drawn between the employment of technological advancements on the television series "Shark Week" and the employment and development of technology within Army Aviation.
CPT Brandon Dotson outlines significant advantages of cross-training Army air traffic contollers between ATC systemswhen preparing for Decisive Action operations, and the importance of leveraging garrison ATC facilities when conducting home station controller training.
Still relevant after all these years - Aviation Digest Archived Article, "Attack Helicopter Operations in the Combined Environment," July-August issue 1993
The authors propose that it is time for change within the Army's warrant officer development path.
This article attempts to determine what factor(s) create self confidence toward future command leadership among graduates of the Army's Captains Career Course.
The book, “Cassandra in Oz: Counterinsurgency in the Future War” is reviewed by MAJ Nicole E Dean.
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